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Long Gardening Gloves

After heavy rains, i decided to pull a patch of weeds (18x18') from the wet soil. These gloves work great in grasping the wet weeds, removing the bottom soil and very good grip on the shovel. Due to having some poison ivy plants, washed these gloves with no issues.

Ricky A.

Hanging Plant Bag

Product came as described, very good quality and packaging. Looking forward to hanging this out on our patio and maybe purchasing a few others.

Justin M.

Canvas Apron

Superior durability. Great material. Easy to wash. Can be used for cooking inside, grilling outside, or heavier labor around the house.

Samantha P.

Kneeling Pad

Most comfortable knee pad!!!! I love this knee pad and have not found a product like it. It's perfect for gardening. My knees no longer are sore! It's made with very high quality material and the color is very attractive. It can be for many other uses as well for projects around the house etc.

Sarah D.

Long Sleeve Gloves

The best gardening gloves ever. I am easily allergic to poison ivy and it feels so good to not have to worry about getting it on my hands and arms with these gloves. They are light weight and they do not hold you back from any of your gardening. It feels like your own hands in that great dirt. Thanks for making such a wonderful working product.

Lillian S.

Tool Set

Great and durable tool set. I bought this set to transplant all of my flowers into my garden in my backyard. The handles are very comfortable and the blades dug easily into my soil. I love the weeding tool too - it easily picked and removed all the weeds in my yard. Would highly recommend. All 4 tools have held up very well!

Matt F.