Our Story

Originating in the northeastern United States, CharGuy is a family business through and through. Founded by father, Guy, and his three children, Charlie, Dan and Shannon, our garden supply company designs, customizes and tests all of our products in our own workshop and backyard. 

Over the years, we have endured our fair share of scrapes, scratches, cuts, skin irritation, rashes, sunburn and more while working in our garden and yard. A fun, productive day in the garden would frequently end with one of us in pain or irritated.

We grew tired of the constant cuts, sunburn and rashes, and began designing protective, durable gear and tools in our own workshop to defend ourselves against the hazards that come with working in the outdoors. 

We want to share our protective gear with all of those who enjoy working outdoors and in the soil, but dread the perils that come with it.

Our Mission

CharGuy is Family-Founded and Family-Operated. Our mission is to deliver dependable, protective, durable gear and accessories for all gardeners, farmers, and outdoor workers.

We are committed to bringing safety, comfort and peace-of-mind directly to your garden and backyard. Our primary goal is protection and ensuring gardening, landscaping and more are fun, stress-free activities in any environment. 

What problem are we solving?

Our specialty products safeguard against the many hazards and perils that come with gardening, renovations, yardwork, housework and more. Physical discomfort, pain and strain can come with outdoor work – our goal is to mitigate these stresses and burdens with our custom products.

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What makes our products unique?

Originally designed to protect ourselves, our products are versatile and have wide applications. Built to withstand the elements, all of our products have been tested and we refuse to sell products that do not perform.